Blog Number 2! – Stepping through!

Well the day went by and I have decided to continue with blogging for another day. I thank the people who came by for the first post, tell your friends get them involved, I like the comments.

Ok, first things first, one the very next day after having a little cry about not getting any Vegemite, I got some. It would seem that my extremely beautiful and dedicated girlfriend got onto this thing called the internet (mabye you’ve heard of it) and got some in for my birthday. I will endevour to put a picture up at some point.

The next thing on my mind is this: I only began with blogging yesterday and thought it might be helpful to browse the forums for ideas, or even tips. Granted I didn’t know alot of the “Rules” that these mediation’s have. Then….BAM, I’m accused of spamming with all of 5 that’s right count them, 1,2,3,4,5 FIVE posts now I’m not going to name names but “RAINCOASTER” is a dick, calling me a spammer after 5 posts. I think he maybe a moderator or something because every-time I said something about him the piece of shit either closed or had the thread closed. I do however highly recommend the forums I have found them very helpful and entertaining.

As a person I do enjoy observing people in all aspects, but the Internet have begun a new breed (and ‘raincoaster’ fits the mold). Most of these people were picked on alot in high school (me included) however unlike alot of us these people failed to mature. They have been given meaningless power, eg. moderating an Internet forum, and they are so scared of any conflict they shut down. They talk big on the internet but huddle in the corner at the bar when others are around.

Considering that this blog is hosted on ‘WordPress’ and I’m fairly sure that ‘raincoaster’ is a moderator I wouldn’t be supprised if my account is closed, Ironically enough proving my point.

Well I think thats it for a bit, I might jump on and add a little more later on tonight.

So untill then, remember…

Why is not an answer.


~ by whyisnotananswer on May 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blog Number 2! – Stepping through!”

  1. Great Article!!! Raincoaster, is just a forum
    volunteer she can be a bit strong with her words
    at times…

  2. Very funny,i rushed here from the forum.Raincoaster is a lady.

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