Still going

As I look around the world I was thrown into, a thought occurs, “I didn’t sign up for this!”, I mean I can’t watch the news for five minutes without seeing the pieces of shit that we as a society have groomed into criminals taking over the world. I read today about a lady, an elderly lady being robbed by a man after she had offered him help when he told her that his wife was sick. How can we be expected to help others when we are only making ourselves venerable to attacks from those who would take advantage. What do we do about it, nothing, we reward only those that are bad with leaniancy whilst those that are good and honest get nothing for there merits, this begs the question, “Why try?”.

Whats the point, what are we trying to achieve? Where are we going with all of this? I sure as fuck don’t know. All I know is the ride is bumpy and there is no point taking it to seriously, because no matter how ahrd you try you wont get out alive. 

I have been on youtube lately watching videos about religion, and there are some great one there. I will post some soon. The funniest shit on the internet, is people trying to prove the existence of god. I cant get enough of people trying to convince others of god. I hope there is a god, I still wouldn’t prey to him or her, but it would be great to watch all the people that spent there whole life getting it wrong. Also if there is a god I would like to know where I can get a number, because I’m sure there is a queue of people like me that would like to have a fist fight with him, I’m not a violent man but I sure would like to kick the shit out of god.

Anyway enough of that, I think it’s time for me to shut-up. until next time….


Why is not an answer.


~ by whyisnotananswer on May 26, 2008.

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