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As I look around the world I was thrown into, a thought occurs, “I didn’t sign up for this!”, I mean I can’t watch the news for five minutes without seeing the pieces of shit that we as a society have groomed into criminals taking over the world. I read today about a lady, an elderly lady being robbed by a man after she had offered him help when he told her that his wife was sick. How can we be expected to help others when we are only making ourselves venerable to attacks from those who would take advantage. What do we do about it, nothing, we reward only those that are bad with leaniancy whilst those that are good and honest get nothing for there merits, this begs the question, “Why try?”.

Whats the point, what are we trying to achieve? Where are we going with all of this? I sure as fuck don’t know. All I know is the ride is bumpy and there is no point taking it to seriously, because no matter how ahrd you try you wont get out alive. 

I have been on youtube lately watching videos about religion, and there are some great one there. I will post some soon. The funniest shit on the internet, is people trying to prove the existence of god. I cant get enough of people trying to convince others of god. I hope there is a god, I still wouldn’t prey to him or her, but it would be great to watch all the people that spent there whole life getting it wrong. Also if there is a god I would like to know where I can get a number, because I’m sure there is a queue of people like me that would like to have a fist fight with him, I’m not a violent man but I sure would like to kick the shit out of god.

Anyway enough of that, I think it’s time for me to shut-up. until next time….


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Post 4, not alot to say!

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Well I’m only four days in and I have already missed a day, I have called a chick a dude, posted a picture of vegemite and put up a half assed review of the new Indy movie.

It’s saturday morning and I’m up way too early, but thats because I went to bed too early, I watched Transformers last night on cable and if I had a WTF section to my blog (and I might) thats where it would go, not ‘Reviews’ not ‘Movies’. Admitadly I had seen Transformers before but it has to be said, What the Fuck? That film has to be one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever seen, Ok I will give credit where credit is due, the special effects are good, but whoever wrote that needs to be shot, and Michael Bay, well.. thats almost too easy. I’m not going to go into this movie very much, but I will comment on one more thing, at the very end of the movie (this is the bit where I would declare a spoiler, the the film spoils itself) where they are lowering Megatron into the abyss, Jon Voights character says ‘therefore removing all evidence’ What THe Fuck, Ten 20ft robots just had a fist fight in the middle of the city, I think someone would know. In concluson Special Effects good, Movie bad, Michael Bay still sucks.

That’s enough of bashing Transformers for the time being, I will post again today. until then…


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Day Three… Indiana Jones

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Welcome back to the blog, when I set out writing this blog all of three days ago I hadn’t thought of doing reviews but I’m going to. And I want you to also, if you have seen the new Indiana Jones or even if you have any comments about it in general, either leave a comment with a link to your blog or send an email to:

Well enough stalling.

I was ten years old when the so called Last Crusade came out and my father took me to see it at the cinema. My eyes never left the screen, I didn’t understand some of the banter untill later in my life but the ‘Indiana Jones’ trilogy was burned into my heart, when I was old enough I bought all three movies on VHS then when they released the four DVD box set I snapped it up straight away, so it’s no supprise that I made it to the cinema opening day for ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ 

I had watched all of the trailers at least thirty times a piece and was “Jonesin’ ” for the Jones, my initial thoughts after my excitement subsided was Harrison Ford, I mean he’s gotta be like a hundred by now, and we have all been fooled with clever editing of previews, but not this time, sure he looks older and so he should, he’s 66 years old, he still looks great, (and yes I’m straight). The action explodes from the screen very early in the piece in Roswell, New Mexico where we are introduced to our villian one Miss Irina Spalko played by Cate Blanchett, I must admit I was worried when I found out that Cate Blanchett would be messin with the Jones Series (after she tried to ruin Bob Dylan), however my worries were unfounded as she did a good job as the Russian Paranormal specialist. In this installment Indy’s enemies are Russian, and looking for an ancient treasure city and of course they need the help of the best treasure hunter/arceologist there is, Henry Jones Jr. Enter Shia LaBoueff (who seems to be getting into alot in hollywood at the moment) as young Mutt (a name he gave himself), and if his name isn’t a spoiler then you’ll have to watch the movie to find out for yourself. Shia LaBoueff gives leaves a good impression as a new character in the action/adventure series, and unlike ‘Short-Round’ I do hope he keeps the character alive in movies to follow.

The visuals in the film are great (with the execption of some of the jungle chase scenes, that look like they were filmed in the eighties).

The score took me back to my childhood, the familiar Indy theme, from the beginning letting all of us know that in some sense we were embarking on another long awaited adventure.

That’s all I’m going to say about the film as I believe that anymore would be too much of a spoiler. So it’s time for a rating, I don’t have a fancy rating symbol yet so I’m giving Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 9/10.

It was predictable in parts but overall a great adventure film.

I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more,

and remember…..

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As promised……

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Here it is the Jar that saved me from insanity.

Gotta have my Vegemite.

mmmm      Vegemite

Blog Number 2! – Stepping through!

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Well the day went by and I have decided to continue with blogging for another day. I thank the people who came by for the first post, tell your friends get them involved, I like the comments.

Ok, first things first, one the very next day after having a little cry about not getting any Vegemite, I got some. It would seem that my extremely beautiful and dedicated girlfriend got onto this thing called the internet (mabye you’ve heard of it) and got some in for my birthday. I will endevour to put a picture up at some point.

The next thing on my mind is this: I only began with blogging yesterday and thought it might be helpful to browse the forums for ideas, or even tips. Granted I didn’t know alot of the “Rules” that these mediation’s have. Then….BAM, I’m accused of spamming with all of 5 that’s right count them, 1,2,3,4,5 FIVE posts now I’m not going to name names but “RAINCOASTER” is a dick, calling me a spammer after 5 posts. I think he maybe a moderator or something because every-time I said something about him the piece of shit either closed or had the thread closed. I do however highly recommend the forums I have found them very helpful and entertaining.

As a person I do enjoy observing people in all aspects, but the Internet have begun a new breed (and ‘raincoaster’ fits the mold). Most of these people were picked on alot in high school (me included) however unlike alot of us these people failed to mature. They have been given meaningless power, eg. moderating an Internet forum, and they are so scared of any conflict they shut down. They talk big on the internet but huddle in the corner at the bar when others are around.

Considering that this blog is hosted on ‘WordPress’ and I’m fairly sure that ‘raincoaster’ is a moderator I wouldn’t be supprised if my account is closed, Ironically enough proving my point.

Well I think thats it for a bit, I might jump on and add a little more later on tonight.

So untill then, remember…

Why is not an answer.

Blog Number One!

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Well I guess it’s time (just everyone else) to have a blog. I’m not all that clear on the direction to take this blog so it may seem a little random.

Lets begin with me. I am an Australian living in Canada and now that the weather has warmed up a little I am starting to see this a beautiful country instaed of a cold uninhabitable wasteland. It is nice to be able to see the sun out with out being blinded by the ground.

The living conditions in Canada are comparable to Australia with two major exceptions:

  1. The rate of pay in this country is luadcrcly low, and..

As you might have guessed I’m a little sore about not being able to find my favorite spread anywhere in this country, and don’t even dream of insulting me with that marmite bullshit.

Marmite… Fuck That!

Well I think I have already found one running theme for my blog, Vegemite!! Any suggestions will be appreciated.

That’s about all I got for ‘Day One’.

Subscribe to this blog if you want, leave a message, but whatever you do stay tuned for more.


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